Dear Mark Zuckerberg

ANGRY: Egon Holstad is angry, and he writes in English. Foto: Tom Benjaminsen/iTroms

Av Egon Holstad, iTroms

I am extremely angry now, an I'm writing this to inform you that I don't like your policy.

I'm a journalist and editor for the newspaper iTroms, and our famous and highly acclaimed music column Feedback.
It's very sad to see that Facebook has decided to ban and censore both Feedback and Kjetil Rolness just because of an innocent and pretty entertaining (if I might say so) article about album covers, named Dette er tidenes 10 verste platecover.

Innlegget ble frst publisert hos iTroms

There are many aspects we find depressing here. One thing is your reaction for the album covers with naked women breasts. This is pretty absurd for Norwegians, because we live in a free country and don't get offended by tits, and the specific title My Pussy Belongs to Daddy isn't problematic in Norway.

Innlegget fortsetter under bildet.

UTESTENGT: Sosiolog og skribent Kjetil Rolness postet et innlegg p Facebook - og ble utestengt. Foto: Erlend Aas (NTB scanpix)

Our hope now is that you will get a new president in a few days that is famous for boasting about grabbing women by their pussies, and kissing them without their permission, and also a man who says he would have dated his own daughter. We'll take for granted that he loves the album My Pussy Belongs to Daddy, so this man might lead USA to a higher level for a free country.

Les ogs: - Kjetil Rolness utestengt fra Facebook

But the worst part here is that Sverre Kjelsbergs album cover for the 1994 classic Drmmen fri (The Dream doesn't cost a single dime) gets dragged down your censoring maelstrom together with the tits and the pussy title. I mean, he wrote Smiid dnan, and now you're pissing on his posthumous reputation. Do you think this is OK? Well, my answer to that is as follows: NOT!!!I will get in contact with Erna Solberg, Norway's prime minister, later today. Do you remember the woman who supported Aftenposten and posted the picture of that naked girl from Vietnam? Of course you do. Well, she is also a fan of Prince, likes rock and this woman is powerful as hell. I mean, she runs the richest country in the world!

Innlegget fortsetter under bildet.

Mark Zuckerberg. Foto: Lluis Gene/AFP

I will also appeal to Espen Egil Hansen in Aftenposten, your nemesis that has scared the shit out of you earlier this year, so beware what kind of people you?re messing with now.

We will never let you drag us down, Mark. We will fight for our freedom to speak and to print pictures of tits and listen to rock'n'roll.

And we will shout it out loud in the streets.

You can never stop us (please, don't. We live on pressestoette and are desperate).

Yours sincerely,

- Egon Holstad.

Innlegget ble frst publisert hos iTroms